Herbs & Stress Management

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Herbs and Stress management*

In this live lesson, we're going to talk about some herbs, foods, resources, and lifestyle hacks that you can work with to help build up your nervous system, nourish your body, and strengthen your spirit as you learn to bring herbs into your daily life with confidence and ease.

I'm really looking forward to sharing how easy it is to bring the gentle power of herbs into our day to day lives. .

This lesson is for you if you want to confidently work with herbs to nourish yourself, so you can better handle the inevitable stresses of day to day life. .

If you're sick of feeling tired, anxious, and overwhelmed and want to bring the gentle power of herbs into your daily life to help you feel refreshed and rested, join us for this free live lesson.

If you'd like to...

• Feel confident about your herbal choices

• Have resources to back up your choices

• Learn to create top quality extracts, made with love and expertise

• Check out some hands-on projects to try at home

• Find some herbs to work with to strengthen your nervous system while you learn to bring herbs into your day to day life

then this lesson is for you!
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* Important note: The information contained in this lesson is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or imbalance. None of this has been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing here attempts to replace the advice of your trained medical professional. Your healthcare choices are your own.

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